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This is our musical offering for all of us struggling to find our way through the pandemic and hold onto a vision for the future. Our story, like most musicians, is that we lost all our work from March 12th onwards. At the time we said, “We have to look at this as a blessing in disguise.” This song emerged slowly over the next three months.


We started hearing news stories about the clearing skies due to the shutdown and lower pollution levels. It’s an unintended consequence that shows how effectively billions of people can respond to a threat and dramatically change their behavior almost overnight. The pandemic is causing terrible suffering, yet there are things we are learning that will help us meet even greater challenges of climate change, racism and social and economic justice—such as the ability to turn on a dime and work together for the common good.


The Wilds is Holly Arntzen (vocals, dulcimer, piano), Kevin Wright (vocals, cajon) and Nathen Aswell (bass). Our family members to join us: Natalia Tisot-Wright (vocals) is Kevin’s daughter, freshly graduated from high school in Victoria, BC. Leif Arntzen is Holly’s trumpet-playing brother in New York; his son Miles Francis Arntzen added percussion. In Vancouver, brother Tom Arntzen played organ, and his son Arnt Arntzen tracked the banjo.


Cajon, Piano, Dulcimer, Bass recorded by Ted Tosoff.


The Wilds creates eco-rock songs about the Earth. Holly and Kevin head up the Artist Response Team (ART) and produce Voices Of Nature programs and concerts that put children in a leadership role to inspire positive action in their families, schools and communities.

Pott's Lagoon

Live from ART HQ

The Sea Among Us part 1

Live from ART HQ

Where the Coho Flash Silver

w/ The Brothers Arntzen live at CohoFest

5ive Sisters

Official music video

Listen To The Music

Live from ART HQ

The Sea Among Us part 2

Live from ART HQ

Mr. Douglas

Official music video

March of the Spirit Bear

Live from Blue Frog Studios

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